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Washington State University

March 2023 Updates



Pharmaceutical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Associate Dilip Singh, Pharmaceutical Sciences Associate in Research Guihua Yue, Pharmaceutical Sciences Associate Professor Bhagwat Prasad  with Pharmaceutical Sciences and Molecular Medicine Graduate Students Sheena Sharma and Deepak Ahire and three other co-authors published, “Quantitative characterization of clinically relevant drug-metabolizing enzymes and transporters in rat liver and intestinal segments for applications in PBPK modeling,” in Molecular Pharmaceutics in February 2023.

Bhagwat Prasad with Pharmaceutical Sciences and Molecular Medicine Graduate Student Sheena Sharma and one other co-author published, “B. Interplay of breast cancer resistance protein (Bcrp/Abcg2), sex, and fed state in oral pharmacokinetic variability of furosemide in rats,” in Pharmaceutics in January 2023.

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How a pharmacy school seating chart led to a 64-year marriage

From their first day of pharmacy school 70 years ago, through two sons, and three grandchildren, Earl (’55) and Barbara (’56) McIntosh have faced it all together. Below Barbara shares a peek behind the scenes of their relationship and nearly 64 years of marriage.
Where did you two meet?
We met in September 1952, on the first day of classes in Dr. Haakon Bang’s one-hour credit class “Introduction to Pharmacy.”  We were seated alphabetically so Barbara McLellan was seated next to Earl McIntosh.
What was your first date?
At Halloween time in 1952 when my dormitory Regent’s Hill held a dance … » More …

Finding love in the pharmacy

For Hung Truong (’00) and Megan McIntyre, a Montana pharmacy graduate from 2004, meeting at a Bartell Drug store was all it took for a future to unfold. They met when Megan was on a Pharmacy Administration rotation with Bartell Drugs in the summer of 2003 and Hung worked at Bartell’s Coal Creek location. If Hung was telling the story he would say that she was his intern. According to Megan, she was technically licensed as an intern but met Hung when she was training him on her rotation project to establish new point of care services throughout Bartell Drugs (of course, Megan tells the correct version). And the rest is history. » More ...

Cooking and humor brought pharmacy couple together

Russell Heaton (’00) remembers seeing his future wife, Kristi (’00), in 1995, while they were both students in a chemistry class at Eastern Washington University. He immediately thought she was beautiful, so he approached her and asked a question about the lab. Russ says she was not impressed by him, at all, and Kristi doesn’t even remember this encounter. But a year later, when they were both at WSU, they met again and started to hang around with mutual friends. » More ...

February 2023 Updates



Pharmaceutical Sciences Assistant Professor Travis Denton and three co-authors published, “α-Ketoglutaramate-A key metabolite contributing to glutamine addiction in cancer cells,” in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Medicine in November 2022.

Travis Denton and thirteen co-authors published, “Lanthionine ketimine ethyl ester accelerates remyelination in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis,” in the peer-reviewed journal ASN Neuro, the official publication of the American Society for Neurochemistry.

Pharmacotherapy Vice Chair & Allen I. White Distinguished Professor Joshua Neumiller and four co-authors published, “Use of glucose-lowering agents in diabetes and CKD,” in Kidney International Reports in December 2022.

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December 2022 Updates



J. Roberts and Marcia Fosberg Distinguished Regents Professor of Pharmacotherapy and Director of the Drug Information Center Danial Baker and one co-author published, “Drug evaluation – dextromethorphan HBr / bupropion HCl (Auvelity),” in Wolters Kluwer Health’s The Formulary Monograph Service (FMS) in November 2022. Wolters Kluwer Health is a drug and health information publisher, the FMS is a resource used in the formulary decision making process for hospitals and managed care systems on recently released and investigational drugs.

Danial Baker published, “Drug evaluation – insulin icodec: preliminary evaluation,” in the FMS in November 2022.

Drug Information Center Academic Resident Brittney Kessel and Danial Baker published, “Drug evaluation … » More …

November 2022 Updates



Pharmacotherapy Vice Chair & Allen I. White Distinguished Professor Joshua J. Neumiller and eight co-authors published, “Diabetes management in chronic kidney disease: a consensus report by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO)” in Diabetes Care in October 2022.

Director for the Center for Pharmacy Practice Research and Associate Professor of Pharmacotherapy Kimberly McKeirnan and five co-authors published, Cultures of support and resilience are associated with certified pharmacy technicians embracing new roles,” in Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy in October 2022.

Josh Neumiller and eight co-authors published, “Incidence of chronic kidney disease … » More …

Q&A with a radiation researcher

Published October 24, 2022, on WSU Spokane Research News by Judith Van Dongen

Portrait photo of George TabatadzeRadiation is used to produce energy, power spacecraft and satellites, and diagnose and treat disease, among other uses. Exposure to radiation comes with safety risks, which are at the heart of the work done by research assistant professor George Tabatadze and his colleagues at the United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries (USTUR), a Tri-Cities-based research unit housed in the WSU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Tell us more about what USTUR does.
We study the biokinetics, dosimetry, and … » More …

Smiles, hugs usher in return of annual Crimson Gala

There’s no feeling quite like that of seeing an old friend after years apart. This October, Cougar pharmacy students and alums greeted one another with hugs and smiles as they came together at the first Crimson Gala since 2019. The annual Crimson Gala is a celebration of pharmacy leaders who shape the profession for future generations as well as all of those who help to pave the way for future Cougar pharmacists through their guidance and leadership. » More ...

October 2022 Updates



J. Roberts and Marcia Fosberg Distinguished Regents Professor of Pharmacotherapy and Director of the Drug Information Center Danial Baker along with multiple other authors contributed to the recently released sixth version of the United States Pharmacopeia COVID-19 Vaccine Handling Toolkit Operational Considerations for Healthcare Practitioners.

Danial Baker and eight co-authors published, “Agreement of medicine and pharmacy students on quality of drug information,” in Pharmacy Education in August 2022.

Danial Baker and five co-authors published, “On the relationship between cardiovascular risk marker calcium phosphate product and health-related quality of life in hemodialysis patients,” in Nephro-Urology Monthly in April 2022.

Director for … » More …