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Washington State University
The Future of Pharmacy Practice
Washington State University

College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our vision is to be a leader in advancing, promoting and protecting human health.

To be true to that mantra while educating outstanding health care professionals and scientists, we have chosen to lead by example and make a trail that can hopefully guide others to join the movement in transforming health care education for the better.

Our degree programs

Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the human body, diseases, and biomedical research to prepare you for a future in health care or research.

Doctor of Pharmacy

Train to work directly with patients to optimize and personalize their medicines to fit their needs and improve health as the medication expert in the health care team.

PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences and Molecular Medicine

Learn from world-recognized expert researchers while pursuing a research project of your own under the guidance of a faculty mentor.