Alumni & Friends

From classroom banter to building a legacy

Retired hospital pharmacist David Bell (’76) and retired Eli Lilly executive Ron Schleif (’76) met as classmates at WSU in the mid-1970s. They became best friends while majoring in pharmacy […]

From Pharmacy to UX/UI Designer

Class of 2013 alumna Theary Chhim shares her career path which combined her love of pharmacy and design into an entrepreneurial opportunity. The UX/UI designer for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer […]

Finding love in the pharmacy

For Hung Truong (’00) and Megan McIntyre, a Montana pharmacy graduate from 2004, meeting at a Bartell Drug store was all it took for a future to unfold. They met when Megan was on a Pharmacy Administration rotation with Bartell Drugs in the summer of 2003 and Hung worked at Bartell’s Coal Creek location. If Hung was telling the story he would say that she was his intern. According to Megan, she was technically licensed as an intern but met Hung when she was training him on her rotation project to establish new point of care services throughout Bartell Drugs (of course, Megan tells the correct version). And the rest is history.

Cooking and humor brought pharmacy couple together

Russell Heaton (’00) remembers seeing his future wife, Kristi (’00), in 1995, while they were both students in a chemistry class at Eastern Washington University. He immediately thought she was beautiful, so he approached her and asked a question about the lab. Russ says she was not impressed by him, at all, and Kristi doesn’t even remember this encounter. But a year later, when they were both at WSU, they met again and started to hang around with mutual friends.