Q&A with rheumatoid arthritis researcher Anil Singh

Published May 3, 2023, on WSU Spokane Research News by Judith Van Dongen A biochemist by training, assistant research professor Anil Singh has conducted inflammation research that spans a variety of diseases, from diabetes […]

CBD shows promise for reducing cigarette smoking

By Sara Zaske, WSU News & Media Relations SPOKANE, Wash. – Cannabidiol or CBD, a non-psychoactive component of cannabis, inhibits the metabolism of nicotine, new research has found, meaning it […]

Ensuring drug safety in underrepresented populations

Washington State University scientists are helping to develop safer drug dosing standards for children and other populations that are underrepresented in clinical drug trials, such as pregnant women, older adults taking multiple medications, and people from certain ethnic groups.

Q&A with a radiation researcher

Published October 24, 2022, on WSU Spokane Research News by Judith Van Dongen Radiation is used to produce energy, power spacecraft and satellites, and diagnose and treat disease, among other […]