How a pharmacy school seating chart led to a 64-year marriage

Barbara (’56) and Earl (’55) McIntosh

From their first day of pharmacy school 70 years ago, through two sons, and three grandchildren, Earl (’55) and Barbara (’56) McIntosh have faced it all together. Below Barbara shares a peek behind the scenes of their relationship and nearly 64 years of marriage.

Where did you two meet?

We met in September 1952, on the first day of classes in Dr. Haakon Bang’s one-hour credit class “Introduction to Pharmacy.”  We were seated alphabetically so Barbara McLellan was seated next to Earl McIntosh.

What was your first date?

At Halloween time in 1952 when my dormitory Regent’s Hill held a dance at the Pub (before the CUB)  and I asked Earl to be my date.

Earl McItosh
Barbara McIntosh (née McLellan)
When did you know you wanted to spend the rest of your life with this person?

Earl says it was during the time he was in the Navy after college serving on a destroyer in the Pacific.  I, Barbara, don’t think there was any specific time, it was a gradual feeling.

When and where did you get married?

We were married in Sacramento (Earl’s hometown) on September 20, 1959.

How many kids and grandkids do you have?

We have two sons, one a pharmacist who attended WSU.  We have three grandchildren.

Where did you spend the majority of your careers?

We both always worked for independent pharmacies, never a chain.  We both worked the longest at our own store, Country Club Pharmacy, in San Jose which we opened and operated for 23 years, starting in 1966. We sold the store and retired in 1989.

What’s the best thing about being married to a pharmacist?

Never needing to explain the long hours you were at the store.