Presenting the class of 2026

On August 19, Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences welcomed the incoming class of 2026. The class is comprised of 46 talented, well-rounded, and thoughtful students who come from across Washington state, around the country and world, including California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Idaho, Canada and China. Their ages range from 20 to 44 years old, and they are a diverse group of students in every way.

The class of 2026 take the Pledge of Professionalism at the annual White Coat Ceremony welcoming them into the professional ranks as a student pharmacist.

“When admitting future student pharmacists, our faculty want to see people with a passion for health care, and folks who will become positive forces in the communities they serve. These students have that,” said College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Dean Mark Leid.

The ceremony marks the symbolic induction of students into the professional ranks. The students donned their white coats at the historical art deco theater The Fox in Spokane.

Third-year student pharmacist Garrett Reynolds welcomed the students with heartfelt advice about paving one’s career through pharmacy, recognizing opportunity, and relying on classmates to overcome challenges.

“As student pharmacists, we are blessed with the gift of variety. Pharmacy is an ever-expanding and evolving profession. And whether your passion is patient care, advocacy, research, or community service, the opportunity to discover your calling is here,” he told the first-year students who were accompanied by friends and family.

Chris Greer, former president of the Washington State Pharmacy Association and Spokane Pharmacy Association President, and Pharmacy Manager at Providence St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Medical Center, gave an inspiring keynote. Chris emphasized the position of trust pharmacists play in their communities and the health care team.

“I believe the key to greatest impact lies in this trust relationship that you will have with your patients, other health care team members and the community. You will receive excellent preparation for this vocation here at Washington State University. You will be trained by our very best,” said Chris, who graduated from the college in 1991.

The ceremony marked the end of Pharmacy Prep Week which was organized by student ambassadors to introduce first-year students into the doctor of pharmacy program at Washington State University.