Celebrating college excellence

As COVID-19 spread across the globe, colleges found themselves pivoting to distance learning experiences leaving students, faculty and staff to adapt to a rapidly changing environment while navigating the implications of a global pandemic. Though everyone in the college deserves to be recognized for persevering through this difficult year, several have been recognized by their peers for their outstanding leadership, teamwork and service.

“Despite all the struggles and challenges our faculty, staff and students have faced, [they] all continue to adapt while finding ways to make a difference in the college and your communities. Thank you to all of you for your dedication and congratulations to those we are recognizing with awards this year, I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this community,” said College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Dean Mark Leid.

Every year the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences takes a moment to recognize just a few of these students, faculty, and staff who demonstrate excellence in all that they do. This year’s awardees were recognized during several virtual events with the support of Spokane Teachers Credit Union (STCU). The college is proud to announce the 2020-21 student, faculty and staff award recipients.

Student Awards

The Student of the Year awards are selected by the faculty and recognize students who have shown a commitment to academic performance, leadership, scholarship, service and professionalism.

“In times of extreme struggle, we often see the best of humanity shine through if we really look for it. [These awards] celebrate those in our community who have done truly remarkable work over the last year,” said Associate Dean for Professional Education Jennifer Robinson during the virtual awards ceremony. Robinson was joined by Yakima Director of Student Success and Assistant Professor of Pharmacotherapy Damianne Brand-Eubanks in the presentation of the pharmacy student awards.

First-year (PY1):

Elissa Chung, Yakima
Fred Lienhard, Spokane

Second-year (PY2):

Dana Rabourne, Yakima
Artem Golub, Spokane


Third-year (PY3):

Trevor Schultz, Yakima
Elizabeth Satterwhite, Spokane


The Doctor of Pharmacy fourth-year (PY4) awards will be presented during the virtual Senior Awards Celebration on May 6 as part of the commencement proceedings.

Pharmaceutical sciences and molecular medicine graduate student awardee:

Christopher Szlenk, Natesan lab


Faculty Awards

Every year students nominate professors that they felt went above and beyond, both in and outside of the classroom. The Teacher of the Year award recognizes these outstanding teachers that demonstrate excellence, innovation and effectiveness in teaching; and who contribute to fulfilling the college’s student-oriented mission. Over the past year, students had an opportunity to learn virtually from faculty members from both campuses; for that reason, this year’s selections are not designated by campus.

First-year (PY1) faculty awardees:

Damianne Brand-Eubanks, Yakima Director of Student Success and Pharmacotherapy Assistant Professor
Connie Remsberg, Pharmaceutical Sciences Assistant Professor


Second-year (PY2) faculty awardees:

Sorosh Kherghehpoush, Research Fellow
Jennifer Miller, Assistant Professor of Pharmacotherapy

Third-year (PY3) faculty awardees:

Brian Gates, Director of Residency Training and Pharmacotherapy Professor
Josh Neumiller, Vice Chair & Allen I. White Distinguished Associate Professor in Pharmacotherapy


Fourth-year (PY4) faculty preceptors of the year:

Pharmacy students spend their fourth and final year of the curriculum on rotations, gaining real-world pharmacy experiences. In addition to teaching courses at the college, these faculty members serve as preceptors, guiding students through their experiential rotations.

Megan Giruzzi, Pharmacotherapy Assistant Professor
Nicole Rodin, Pharmacotherapy Assistant Professor
Megan Undeberg, Pharmacotherapy Associate Professor


Pharmaceutical sciences and molecular medicine graduate program: 

Zhenjia Wang, Pharmaceutical Sciences Associate Professor


Staff Awards

The Staff Excellence Award recognizes staff who exhibit exceptional work, foster an atmosphere of trust and respect, and serve as effective ambassadors for the college. Faculty, staff, and students had the opportunity to submit nominations, and a faculty committee reviewed the applications and determined the winners.

Kelly Bronson, Computer Based Testing and Instructional Support Specialist
Sarah Kenney, Academic and Student Success Advisor Lead