The hard work of students, faculty, and staff are essential to the success of any college. And the exemplary faculty, staff and students at the Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences help us thrive in an ever-changing health care landscape.

Every year the college takes a moment to recognize just a few of these students, faculty, and staff who demonstrate excellence in all that they do. While this year’s staff awards have been postponed until the fall, we are proud to announce the 2019-20 student and faculty award recipients.

Student Awards

The Student of the Year awards are selected by the faculty and recognize students who have shown a commitment to academic performance, leadership, scholarship, service and professionalism.

First-year (PY1)

Kennedy Erickson
Kennedy Erickson, Spokane
Viktor Golovin
Viktor Golovin, Yakima


Second-year (PY2)

Robyn Hart
Robyn Hart, Spokane
Lermey Uong
Lermey Uong, Yakima


Third-year (PY3)

Connor Capdeville
Connor Capdeville, Spokane
Virginia Gonzalez
Virginia Gonzalez, Yakima


Fourth-year (PY4)

Nadia Bamfo
Nadia Bamfo, Spokane
Megan Baker
Megan Baker, Spokane
Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson, Spokane
Johanna Pantig
Johanna Pantig, Spokane
Debbi Li
Debbi Li, Yakima


Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate student awardee:

Ruby Siegel, Ahmed lab
Ruby Siegel, Ahmed lab


Faculty Awards

Every year students nominate professors that they felt went above and beyond, both in and outside of the classroom. The Teacher of the Year award recognizes these outstanding teachers that demonstrate excellence, innovation and effectiveness in teaching; and who contribute to fulfilling the college’s student-oriented mission.

First-year (PY1) Faculty Awardees:

Connie Remsberg
Connie Remsberg, Spokane
Damianne Brand-Eubanks
Damianne Brand-Eubanks, Yakima


Second-year (PY2) Faculty Awardees:

Susan Marsh
Susan Marsh, Spokane
Rustin Crutchley
Rustin Crutchley, Yakima


Third-year (PY3) Faculty Awardees:

Kyle Frazier
Kyle Frazier, Spokane
Dana Bowers, Yakima


Fourth-year (PY4) Faculty Preceptor of the Year:

Megan Undeberg
Megan Undeberg


Pharmaceutical sciences graduate program: 

Salah-uddin Ahmed
Salah-uddin Ahmed