Our College of Pharmacy preceptors are practicing pharmacists who supervise student pharmacists in clinical settings, where students gain experience in pharmacy practice with real patients. Preceptors can play a critical role in shaping a student’s future career. Our network of pharmacy educators extends across the state of Washington and beyond, with over 300 active preceptors at any one time. This strong network of dedicated preceptors is one of the reasons Cougar pharmacists are some of the most highly sought-after pharmacy professionals.

Meet Chris Greer

Chris Greer received his pharmacy degree from WSU. After graduation he completed a pharmacy residency specializing in adverse drug reactions. He spent three years as a staff pharmacist in Olympia, Washington, before returning to Spokane. He has been with St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute since 1995, working his way up to pharmacy manager in 2009. He was named WSU Preceptor of the Year in 2006, and in 2015 Greer was one of eight pharmacy preceptors nationally to receive the Master Preceptor Recognition from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.

The profound impact Greer has on WSU student pharmacists both personally and professionally is immeasurable. What makes him an extraordinary preceptor is the characteristic traits he possesses as an individual such as humility, genuine care for people, integrity, passion, and servant leadership. We are extremely thankful he and his St. Luke’s team actively participate within the College of Pharmacy Experiential Services.

Q&A with Chris Greer
Q: What is your current practice site?
A: St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute (Spokane, WA)

Q: What rotation(s) do you currently precept?
A: IPPE Institutional, APPE Acute care, APPE Institutional

Q: How long have you served as a preceptor?
A: Since 1997

Q: What makes you an effective preceptor?
A: I try to tailor the activities for the student pharmacists at our site so that the opportunity for rewarding interactions with patients and staff is maximized. Each student comes to us with different talents and experiences and we maintain a nurturing environment so each is able to grow through the rotation. I like to foster big picture and innovative thinking and I enjoy learning from our students and much as teaching them.

Q: What motivates and/or inspires you to serve as a preceptor?
A: I am inspired by and so very grateful for the preceptors and mentors who have helped me. The enthusiasm and passion for pharmacy that our students bring with them to the rotation is very inspiring and certainly motivating. I do not want to let them down.

Q: What has been your most rewarding experience as a preceptor?
A: It happens when one of the students blossoms during the rotation and takes full advantage of the opportunities that we have here and goes above and beyond with the care of their assigned patients.

Q: What advice or words of wisdom do you wish to share for new preceptors?
A: Set high expectations so that the students can rise to them. Be available. Be kind. Be forgiving.