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Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences News

Balancing military service and pharmacy school

Colton Sorensen is one of many service men and women who pursued his doctor of pharmacy degree at Washington State University. Colton, who served in the United States Marine Corps, shares how his military training as a marine translates to becoming a better health care provider as a pharmacist. In 2020, Colton was asked to press pause on his third year in pharmacy school to deploy to Georgia, a country which shares a border with Russia, Azerbaijian, Armenia, and Turkey. The deployment ended up delaying his graduation by one year. Along with an active-duty tour to the countries of Georgia, Afghanistan, and Qatar, Colton also … » More …

Interview with an infectious diseases pharmacist

May 22 is Infectious Diseases Pharmacists Day intended to recognize ID pharmacists and their impact on patient care and contributions to the health care team. This year’s theme for ID Pharmacists Day is deprescribing antibiotics amid COVID-19. To understand the role of ID pharmacists and what patients can do to protect their health, we speak to our very own infectious diseases expert and assistant professor at the college, Dana Bowers.

What does an infectious diseases (ID) pharmacist do and how do they differ from other pharmacists?

ID pharmacists focus on the appropriate use of antibiotics. We make sure that when patients are prescribed an … » More …

CPPS returns to in-person graduation celebrations for 2022

On Thursday, May 5, the Washington State University (WSU) College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPPS) celebrated the accomplishments of nine doctor of philosophy (PhD), and 160 doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) graduates at its 2022 commencement ceremony. Family, faculty and friends gathered at the The Fox in downtown Spokane to honor the graduates.

Throughout the pandemic PhD students remained on campus and in the labs while doctor of pharmacy students transitioned to distance learning during the spring 2020 semester as well as in the 2020-21 academic year. Since doctor of pharmacy students spend their fourth year on Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotations, this was … » More …

May 2022 Updates



Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Student Rakshit Tanna (Paine lab), Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Student James Nguyen (Paine lab, PharmD ’20), Pharmaceutical Sciences Program Manager Deena Hadi, Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine Department of Translational Medicine and Physiology Professor Matthew Layton, Pharmacotherapy Chair and R. Keith Campbell Distinguished Professor in Diabetes Care John White, Pharmaceutical Sciences Professor Mary Paine and six co-authors published, “Clinical pharmacokinetic assessment of kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), a botanical product with opioid-like effects, in healthy adult participants,” in Pharmaceutics in March 2022.

J. Roberts and Marcia Fosberg Distinguished Regents Professor of Pharmacotherapy and Director of the Drug Information Center Danial … » More …

Celebrating college excellence

Across Washington State University (WSU) spring is a time to recognize those who go above and beyond, making an impact in their programs, the university, and their communities. Along with the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPPS) internal awards, students, faculty and staff are also recognized by WSU Health Sciences and by the university. It is with great pride the college announces the following CPPS Student Awards, WSU President’s Awards for Leadership and WSU Health Sciences Chancellor’s Excellence Awards received by CPPS students and faculty. » More ...

Graduating PharmDs achieve record 2022 residency matches

WSU PharmD students topped previous year’s accredited residency match rate at 71 percent up from 67 percent the previous year, according to the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (ASHP), which coordinates the official match process for pharmacy schools nationwide. This year, 34 WSU PharmD students out of 48 matched.

Residencies are post-graduate training programs which allow new pharmacists to perform as a licensed practitioner to train under the supervision of an experienced preceptor. Residencies are highly sought-after positions to help pharmacists gain experience, leadership skills, advance their growth of clinical judgement, and hone their skills as a practicing pharmacist.

Following graduation this May, Shannon … » More …

Pharmacy students training to fill rural health care gap

WSU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has accepted five students into the rural health track. These first-year students will be the inaugural class in the track and will undergo specialized training and education in rural health care. Upon their graduation in 2025, they will be equipped with the skills, tools, and network needed to work in a rural setting.

“We look forward to working with this small group of talented students. Health care providers in rural areas face a unique set of challenges. This includes advising patients on how to access care if they don’t have phone or internet services, or if the nearest … » More …

Prosser resident hopes to provide pharmacy services in her community

First-year student pharmacist Catalina Yepez, age 29, is one of five students in the inaugural class in the rural health track. The track is part of the college’s Rural Health Initiative to recruit, educate, and embed pharmacists in rural communities across Washington state.

I was born and raised in Prosser, Washington a town of roughly 6,000 people nestled in central Washington where access to medical services are limited. Most of the people in Prosser work in agriculture and my family was no different. My mother worked in a cherry factory for 28 years and my father at a potato packaging plant. In 2011, … » More …