Megan Willson appointed Associate Dean for Professional Education

Pharmacotherapy Professor Megan Willson will be taking on the role of Associate Dean for Professional Education effective July 1. Willson’s exceptional clinical experience and unwavering commitment to teaching have positioned her as a top contender for this prestigious position.

With over 15 years of experience as a practicing pharmacist, Willson brings a profound understanding of the scope of practice expected of students upon entering the field of pharmacy. Having served in pivotal roles as a preceptor and clinical pharmacist at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, she has remained at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of pharmacy practice.

In her new role, Willson will play a crucial part in preparing students for successful careers in the pharmacy profession. Her extensive experience in the inpatient setting, both as a provider and a preceptor, along with her expertise in didactic teaching, will prove invaluable as she spearheads a comprehensive revision of the PharmD curriculum. It’s important to note that this curriculum overhaul is currently in the planning phase and will not impact current students.

Gradually transitioning from her roles at Providence Sacred Heart, college leadership will work closely with pharmacy administration at Providence Sacred Heart to chart short- and long-term paths that will strengthen and expand the relationship between WSU CPPS and Providence.

Under Willson’s leadership, students will receive the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in their pharmacy careers. Her broad clinical experience, understanding of critical issues in contemporary pharmacy, and dedication to the college’s mission will enhance the quality of education offered.