Finding love through serving others

Cassie Song and Eric Wilson with their son, Silas.

By Kelly Sylvester, director of advancement & alumni relations

There’s something in the air at pharmacy school. Every year we learn about students who have met while in college and end up getting married, starting families, and living the dream. One such couple is Cassandra (Cassie) Song, who graduated in 2015, and Eric Wilson, who was a year behind her in pharmacy school. Here’s their story, in Cassie’s words, and it’s pretty sweet!

“Eric and I met during Eric’s orientation of his first year in pharmacy school. I was in my second year and was one of the orientation leaders at that time. We had our first official date a few weeks later at the ZZU in Pullman over wings and football.

Eric and I could relate to each other right from the start as we both had been starting pharmacy school a little later in our lives and both had a history of service. Eric had been in the army for six years and done two tours in Afghanistan and the Philippines. I had come back from serving in the Peace Corps in Turkmenistan. Everything with each other was easy from the start and we clicked almost immediately. We both took our studies seriously but also loved having fun and really made the most of our time while we were both in school. We ended up getting married while Eric was working as a pharmacist, and I was still a resident at the VA in 2017. We got married in in Gig Harbor. The ceremony was really a pharmacy reunion at that point and tons of fun.”

Dear Santa: This year I would like to become a big brother! May 2022

Fast forward to 2022, Eric is now a pharmacy manager at Safeway in Enumclaw running a very busy and successful pharmacy. For Cassie, after two years of residency at the VA, and some years as residency director, she is now a Formulary Program Manager for the VA Puget Sound in Seattle. They are very busy parents of Silas, their two-and-a-half-year-old son and are expecting a baby girl at the end of May. Congratulations to Cassie and Eric, and Happy Valentine’s Day!