WSU and Mobius educate community on healthy lifestyle habits in February

Mobius Discovery Center in Spokane will be teaming up with Washington State University’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Dr. Universe to educate children and the public about health and wellness each Saturday in February. Along with sharing the basics of healthy lifestyle habits and understanding the human body, the event aims to inspire children in STEAM-related subjects. Families can also sign up for the Dr. Universe club, which hosts regular podcasts, videos, and activities to inspire young scientists and have their most burning questions answered by professors and researchers at WSU.

Student pharmacists from the WSU doctor of pharmacy program will lead the activities, sharing their expertise on basic functions of the human body.

“WSU is training future pharmacists to protect the health of local communities. These activities are just one example of how pharmacists build bridges to help people live longer, healthier lives,” said Associate Dean of Professional Education Jennifer Robinson who helped to organize the activities at Mobius.

Health + Wellness Series will be free with admission and will include the following activities on each Saturday from 10:00am- 2:00pm:

February 5 | Blood Sugar
Activities include understanding insulin and how the pancreas works, understanding the amount of sugar in everyday foods, and visualizing a healthy diet.

February 12 | Vitals of Hand Hygiene
Learn how quickly germs transfer from person to person using Glo Germ Powder. Student pharmacists will share how proper hand washing can prevent the spread of germs.

February 19 | Heart and Lungs
Ever wonder how your heart and lungs work? Children will create models of the heart and lungs to understand the basic anatomy of these vital organs and how they work.

February 26 | Blood
Discover the components of your blood and how it is pumped through the body. Through various sensory activities, children will learn about blood type and how the heart pumps blood through the body.