Pharmacy alumna lands executive fellowship at WSPA

By Kelly Sylvester, director of advancement and alumni relations

Brandy Seignemartin, class of 2020, works as an Executive Fellow for the Washington State Pharmacy Association (WSPA)

Brandy Seignemartin, class of 2020, landed her dream job after graduation and is working as an Executive Fellow for the Washington State Pharmacy Association (WSPA) in Renton, Washington. During her time at the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences,  Seignemartin was instrumental in helping to secure passage of state legislation in Olympia that allows health science professionals to precept across different professions.

Seignemartin has been working on a variety of activities and issues for the WSPA, including the COVID-19 response, immunization training, and communication strategies. However, she says her favorite part is working with WSPA’s leadership and consultants on plans for the next legislative session in Olympia.

“I absolutely love it. I’m learning so much in terms of advocacy for all realms of advancing pharmacy,” said Seignemartin. “I have the best mentors in Jenny Arnold [Director of Pharmacy Practice Development at WSPA] and Jeff Rochon [WSPA CEO], so this is the perfect place to be.”

In addition to her busy fellowship, Seignemartin is making time to mentor three current WSU pharmacy students. “My mentors, such as Dr. Julie Akers, made such a difference in my educational experience, I want to help my Cougar pharmily by mentoring current students.” One student she mentors is second-year pharmacy student Colin Beauvais, who serves as Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the Associated Student Body of WSU Health Sciences Spokane, a position Seignemartin herself once held.

“I am so happy for others to have the same experience I had, which opened so many doors and opportunities for me,” said Seignemartin.

What the future holds, she is not sure. But for now, she encourages all student pharmacists and alumni to get involved. She said she urges them to “join WSPA and other organizations that are fighting against the unfair practices of PBMs [pharmacy benefit managers] and to increase patient access to pharmacist provided services,” as well as working on DIR fee (direct/indirect remuneration) practices. She and others at WSPA and all-around pharmacy anxiously await the United States Supreme Court ruling on the PBM issue. Seignemartin said it’s the public health advocacy, as well as the community service, that makes her current role so exciting.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience as a PharmD fellow than I have at WSPA. Every day I’m learning something new and also helping others learn. WSU helped me learn how to be an advocate for the pharmacy profession and the future of pharmacy practice through my fellowship at WSPA. It doesn’t get any better than this. I’m so glad I chose a career in pharmacy.”