McKeirnan (farthest to the right) with her Academic Leadership Fellows Program group

Pharmacotherapy Clinical Associate Professor Kimberly McKeirnan wants to become a better leader. By participating in the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Academic Leadership Fellows Program she’s working towards that goal.

“I aspire to develop the skills necessary to positively influence the future of pharmacy practice,” said McKeirnan. “I’m hoping to learn some new leadership skills and ways to develop as a mentor.”

During the program she works in a group with six other faculty and administrative professionals who hail from pharmacy schools around the nation. A dean mentor serves as a role model and coach to guide the next generation of educational leadership. Participants expand relationships with peers and colleagues while learning more about effective team building and best practices. The program focuses on helping these individuals from pharmacy programs across the nation develop into outstanding leaders.

“Pharmacy is identifying and developing new roles,” explained McKeirnan. “I’m learning how to bring out the skills of the people I mentor to help them succeed in these future roles.”

The program consists of four sessions, the first two took place this past September and November with additional sessions coming up in February and July.