Pharmacy alum, entrepreneur shares insights on success with students in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash.-Author and business woman Rhonda Rhyne participated in a special conversation on leadership with the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) at the Washington State University Health Sciences campus in Spokane on October 20.

Rhyne has more than 25 years of executive medical technology experience. She currently serves as the CEO for Prevencio Inc., a Seattle-based company developing multi-protein blood tests for heart issues that include obstructive heart disease, stroke and obstructive peripheral artery disease. She also serves as Board Director for Aminex Therapeutics and OtoNexus Medical Technologies, both Seattle-area companies.

Rhyne authored the women’s leadership book, Keys to the Corner Office: Success Strategies for Women by Women. Attendees at the AWIS-hosted event each received a copy of her book, which was the basis of the discussion. Rhyne gave an overview of her career from receiving her Bachelor of Pharmacy from Washington State University and MBA from University of California, Los Angeles, to her success in the field of medical technology.

“I learned to value myself,” Rhyne said. “Especially for women, we are taught to be humble, and humility is critical, but we need to realize we are intelligent and we have a considerable amount to offer.”

At the end of the event Rhyne signed books for attendees, including personal notes. Rhyne’s inspiring advice and personal story was the first of many signature events that the AWIS group at WSU is planning.

AWIS is the largest multidisciplinary organization for women in science in the U.S., representing 12 different STEM disciplines. The nationwide network is dedicated to support women’s leadership in research and innovation, advocacy, and public engagement. The AWIS Inland Northwest-WSU affiliate group at WSU was founded in 2014 with the support of the College of Pharmacy. The group provides professional and leadership development for members, and opportunities for students at WSU to interact with leaders in the health sciences, like Rhyne.

[Lori J. Maricle] 1/24/18