Stroke injury expert talks to students about the benefits of research

SPOKANE, Wash. – Darrell Jackson spoke with student pharmacists on September 17 about the benefits of research in pharmacy education. He also gave examples and ideas of ways to get research experience to further each student’s pharmacy knowledge. Jackson’s presentation was part of the Washington State University College of Pharmacy’s Preparing for Your Career in Pharmacy seminar series.

“Research makes you more dynamic,” said Jackson, “it enriches your pharmacy knowledge because you get a deeper understanding of topics.”

Having a research background can also help when counseling patients who want to know about specific pathways and how their medications work, said Jackson.

Students are able to get lab or clinical research experience in multiple ways. Jackson encouraged students to get a small exposure during the summers to see what research is like. He also mentioned many examples of clinical research such as geritology, counseling and drug interaction.

“You have a huge opportunity to get involved in research because you have a lot of great researchers just upstairs,” said Jackson, “pick something you are really interested in and try it out.”

During his education Jackson had multiple mentors that helped guide him to research and pharmacology. He attended graduate school at WSU where he realized an interest in neuroscience.

Jackson currently works at the University of Montana as an associate professor and researcher. His area of research focuses on stroke injury.

WSU coordinates the annual seminar series to expose future pharmacists to a variety of career opportunities in the profession and the organizational leaders within those areas.

The WSU pharmacy seminars are funded through the Dean’s Fund for Excellence and the college’s community partner, the Spokane Teachers Credit Union. For information on participating in the career seminar series, or to contribute to the Dean’s Fund for Excellence to help expose WSU student pharmacists to thought-leaders and industry innovators, contact the College of Pharmacy advancement office at or 509-358-7651.