SPOKANE, Wash. – Washington State University (WSU) College of Pharmacy Clinical Assistant Professor Julie Akers and Professor Emeritus R. Keith Campbell received awards from the Washington State Pharmacy Association (WSPA) in September. They will be honored on Saturday, October 8 during the WSPA Annual Meeting.

Akers was given the Davide Almquist Award. This award recognizes outstanding work in the endeavors of WSPA and the community.

Akers has been a faculty member at the College of Pharmacy since 2013. Her research interests include patient care for minor illnesses, Human Papilloma Virus education and prevention, and medication management services to reduce hospital readmission. She also serves as a preceptor for introductory pharmacy practice experiences and educates on health care systems and pathophysiology.

Campbell received the Bill Mueller Outstanding Mentor Award. This award recognizes a pharmacist or pharmacy technician actively engaged in practice, with at least 10 years of pharmacy practice experience, who has been and continues to be an outstanding mentor in the field of pharmacy.

Campbell became a faculty member at the College of Pharmacy in 1968 and retired in 2013. His research interests include diabetes education and other endocrine diseases in humans. Campbell was on the board of directors of the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators.