Pharmacy annual seminar series wraps up with a “Kaboom”

SPOKANE – David Steeb, Pharm.D., from the Eshelman School of Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina, wrapped up the Washington State University College of Pharmacy Preparing for your Career in Pharmacy Seminar Series March 6 on the WSU Health Sciences campus in Spokane, Wash.

His afternoon lecture to the students in the WSU Doctor of Pharmacy program included the core concepts of leadership, the steps to leading change – personally and professionally – and how to pitch your ideas like a Billy Mays infomercial. Mays was a popular salesperson on the Home Shopping Network, most known for his endorsement of cleaning agents like Kaboom and OxiClean. Students got to try it out for themselves as they channeled their inner Billy Mays to pitch any idea they chose to the rest of the room to practice the concept of empowering action.

Steeb is the global engagement fellow in the Office of Entrepreneurial Development and Global Engagement at the UNC School of Pharmacy. He was previously the national president for the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists.

The WSU College of Pharmacy coordinates the annual seminar series to expose student pharmacists to industry and practice thought leaders and innovators. The lecture was hosted by the student organization Phi Lambda Sigma with support from the Associated Students of WSU Spokane. Refreshments were provided by the Spokane Teachers Credit Union.