SPOKANE, Wash. – The CEO of the American Pharmacists Association will participate in a new career seminar series at the WSU College of Pharmacy examining the changing role of pharmacists.
In addition to providing career information and access to leaders in the profession, the new series will give student pharmacists a chance to participate in discussions about the direction of the profession in the future, said Linda Garrelts MacLean, associate dean for professional education and outreach.
“The discussions may spark an interest in some students to become leaders in the continuing evolution of the profession,” MacLean said. The college created the series to provide students with information about careers, she said.
The five-part series began Sept. 12 with a 50-minute presentation by the directors of two post-graduate residency programs in the private sector. Residencies are becoming increasingly popular with new pharmacy graduates and offer an additional year of paid, on-the-job specialized training.
Future presentations include a leader from the Genentech biotechnology company, the CEO of the Cone Health network in Greensboro, N.C., which includes five hospitals, two medical centers, three urgent care centers and a number of physician practice sites, and overview of the changes in the profession by MacLean and the presentation by the CEO of the pharmacists association, Thomas E. Menighan.