Funding for an undergraduate summer research program in the College of Pharmacy at Washington State University has been renewed by the American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

ASPET awarded the College $27,000 – or $9,000 per year – for the next three years and has funded the program for nine of the last 10 years, according to Raymond M. Quock, pharmaceutical sciences department chair.

The College must match the award with $5,000 per year, and the money allows student researchers to be paid a stipend for their 10 weeks of full-time work on research with a faculty mentor who is an ASPET member. Additional College funds and various research grants and fellowships are used to allow more students and faculty who are not ASPET members to also participate in the program.

“Each year since 2002, the research program has funded 8 – 12 outstanding undergraduate students who are exposed to pharmaceutical and biomedical research, giving them the opportunity to see if they may be interested in pursuing graduate studies,” Quock said.

With the integration of the nutrition/exercise physiology program into the College a few years ago, research opportunities have expanded into those subjects as well.

The program begins taking applications from undergraduate students toward the end of January.
ASPET was founded in Baltimore, Md., in 1908 to promote pharmacology knowledge and research. It has more than 4,500 members.