Warren Hall, owner of Hall’s Medical Center Pharmacy in Centralia, Wash., has been selected by the College of Pharmacy as the 2007 Roche Preceptor of the Year for his outstanding work with the fourth-year students who do rotations at his pharmacy each year. He is one of about 400 active preceptors.

Hall tailors each student’s learning experience by first getting to know them. He asks questions about their past experiences and current expectations, and he then constructs a unique experience for each student.

Hall is the president-elect of the Washington State Pharmacy Association (WSPA) and an active leader in his community. He expects students to attend various community board meetings with him.

“I expect students to be great caring individuals and leaders in their community,” Hall said. “I have been successful if, at the end of the rotation, each student leaves with a positive attitude knowing they have chosen a wonderful profession that makes a difference in peoples’ lives.”