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Washington State University

Faculty & Staff Awards

Preceptor of the year award

Preceptor of the year award is given annually to a WSU pharmacy preceptor for outstanding contributions to the educational development of future WSU pharmacists by demonstrating high standards of professionalism, ethics and clinical practice within the experiential training environment.

2020 – Aleksander Heyfetz and Daniel Healey
2019 – Michael Marr and Mike Tews
2018 – Monica Graybeal and Chris Greer
2017 – Megan Braine
2016 – Michael Varga
2015 – Angelo Ballasiotes
2014 – Patrick O’Connor
2013 – Donald Spedden
2012 – Roger Yamaguchi

2011 – John Landkammer
2010 – Doug Crafton
2009 – Brent Albertson
2008 – Tom Stanley
2007 – Warren Hall
2006 – Chris Greer
2005 – Rhonda Kerr
2004 – Jennifer Edwards
2003 – Ron Jennings

Teacher of the year award

Teacher of the year is given annually to a WSU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPPS) professor for their outstanding teaching skills and commitment to education.


PY1: Damianne Brand-Eubanks, Connie Remsberg
PY2: Sorosh Kherghehpoush, Jennifer Miller
PY3: Brian Gates, Joshua Neumiller
PY4: Megan Giruzzi, Nicole Rodin, Megan Undeberg
Graduate Program: Zhenjia Wang


PY1: Connie Remsberg, Damianne Brand-Eubanks
PY2: Susan Marsh, Rustin Crutchley
PY3: Kyle Frazier, Dana Bowers
PY4: Megan Undeberg
Graduate Program: Salah-uddin Ahmed


PY1: Jeannie Padowski, Damianne Brand-Eubanks
PY2: Jean-Baptiste Roullet, Christina Buchman
PY3: Kyle Frazier, Anne Kim
PY4: Megan Willson, Jeff Clark, Terri Levien, Megan Giruzzi
Graduate Program: Shobhan Gaddameedhi


PY1: Jeannie Padowski
PY2: Christina Buchman
PY3: Julie Akers, Dana Bowers
PY4: Megan Willson, Megan Giruzzi
Graduate Program: Sayed S. Daoud
Trainee of the Year: Micah Miller
Teaching assistant: Madalyn Brown


PY1: Damianne Brand-Eubanks
PY2: Brenda Bray, Anne Kim
PY3: Josh Neumiller
PY4: Alyson Blum
Graduate Program: Shobhan Gaddameedhi
Trainee of the Year: Yili Zhong
Teaching assistant: Madalyn Brown


PY1: Connie Remsberg, Damianne Brand-Eubanks
PY2: Kimberly McKeirnan
PY3: Mark Garrison
PY4: Megan Willson
Graduate Program: Kay Meier
Teaching Assistant/Trainee of the Year: Shannon Kozlovich, Mahamudul Haque


PY1: Connie Remsberg
PY2: Kimberly McKeirnan
PY3: Josh Neumiller
PY4: Brian Gates
Teaching assistant: Solomon Agere

2013 – 2014

PY1: Connie Remsberg
PY2: Kimberly McKeirnan
PY3: William Fassett & John White
PY4: Brian J. Gates

2012 – 2013

PY1: David Koh
PY2: Keith Campbell
PY3: John White
PY4: Mark Garrison

2011 – 2012

Jennifer Robinson and Mark Garrison

2009 – 2010

PY1: Catherine Elstad
PY2: Beth Vorderstrasse
PY3: John White
PY4: Mark Garrison

2008 – 2009

Raymond M. Quock and Mark Garrison

2007 – 2008

Raymond M. Quock and Jonathan Reynolds

2006 – 2007

Catherine A. Elstad and Jonathan Reynolds

2005 – 2006

Mark Garrison

2004 – 2005

Mark Garrison

Staff excellence award

The Staff Excellence Award recognizes staff who exhibit exceptional work, foster an atmosphere of trust and respect, and serve as effective ambassadors for the college.


Kelly Bronson, Computer Based Testing and Instructional Support Specialist
Sarah Kenney, Academic and Student Success Advisor Lead


Barb King, Student Services Program Assistant
Abby Parsons, Pharmacotherapy Secretary Supervisor


Michael Johnson, IT System Administration
Apryl Rash, College Personnel Specialist
Sue Wright, Director of Analytics