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Faculty Awards

Preceptor of the year award

Preceptor of the year award is given annually to a WSU pharmacy preceptor for outstanding contributions to the educational development of future WSU pharmacists by demonstrating high standards of professionalism, ethics and clinical practice within the experiential training environment.

2019 – Michael Marr and Mike Tews
2018 – Monica Graybeal and Chris Greer
2017 – Megan Braine
2016 – Michael Varga
2015 – Angelo Ballasiotes
2014 – Patrick O’Connor
2013 – Donald Spedden
2012 – Roger Yamaguchi
2011 – John Landkammer

2010 – Doug Crafton
2009 – Brent Albertson
2008 – Tom Stanley
2007 – Warren Hall
2006 – Chris Greer
2005 – Rhonda Kerr
2004 – Jennifer Edwards
2003 – Ron Jennings

Teacher of the year award

Teacher of the year is given annually to a WSU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPPS) professor for their outstanding teaching skills and commitment to education.


PY1: Connie Remsberg, Damianne Brand-Eubanks
PY2: Susan Marsh, Rustin Crutchley
PY3: Kyle Frazier, Dana Bowers
PY4: Megan Undeberg
Graduate Program: Salah-uddin Ahmed


PY1: Jeannie Padowski, Damianne Brand-Eubanks
PY2: Jean-Baptiste Roullet, Christina Buchman
PY3: Kyle Frazier, Anne Kim
PY4: Megan Willson, Jeff Clark, Terri Levien, Megan Giruzzi
Graduate Program: Shobhan Gaddameedhi


PY1: Jeannie Padowski
PY2: Christina Buchman
PY3: Julie Akers, Dana Bowers
PY4: Megan Willson, Megan Giruzzi
Graduate Program: Sayed S. Daoud
Trainee of the Year: Micah Miller
Teaching assistant: Madalyn Brown


PY1: Damianne Brand-Eubanks
PY2: Brenda Bray, Anne Kim
PY3: Josh Neumiller
PY4: Alyson Blum
Graduate Program: Shobhan Gaddameedhi
Trainee of the Year: Yili Zhong
Teaching assistant: Madalyn Brown


PY1: Connie Remsberg, Damianne Brand-Eubanks
PY2: Kimberly McKeirnan
PY3: Mark Garrison
PY4: Megan Willson
Graduate Program: Kay Meier
Teaching Assistant/Trainee of the Year: Shannon Kozlovich, Mahamudul Haque


PY1: Connie Remsberg
PY2: Kimberly McKeirnan
PY3: Josh Neumiller
PY4: Brian Gates
Teaching assistant: Solomon Agere

2013 – 2014

PY1: Connie Remsberg
PY2: Kimberly McKeirnan
PY3: William Fassett & John White
PY4: Brian J. Gates

2012 – 2013

PY1: David Koh
PY2: Keith Campbell
PY3: John White
PY4: Mark Garrison

2011 – 2012

Jennifer Robinson and Mark Garrison

2009 – 2010

PY1: Catherine Elstad
PY2: Beth Vorderstrasse
PY3: John White
PY4: Mark Garrison

2008 – 2009

Raymond M. Quock and Mark Garrison

2007 – 2008

Raymond M. Quock and Jonathan Reynolds

2006 – 2007

Catherine A. Elstad and Jonathan Reynolds

2005 – 2006

Mark Garrison

2004 – 2005

Mark Garrison