Doctor of Pharmacy


Preparing you for a future of direct patient care.

The College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPPS) takes seriously our mission to develop outstanding health care professionals and scientists. We have a long history of being committed to preparing pharmacists to enter the practice of pharmacy today, and to lead the changes in the practice of pharmacy that are certain to come in the future. You will begin interacting with patients and other health care professionals in your first year, and direct patient care opportunities continue throughout your four-years with the college.

A Better Teaching Model

New pharmacists are entering a world of constant change and collaboration; competent graduating pharmacists must therefore also be lifelong learners and collaborators. Our curriculum prepares you for this environment. We put the focus on the successful development of the student. You will be expected to be actively involved and take ownership in the learning process both inside and outside the classroom.

We pair a traditional teaching model with a system of support and learning resources to ensure each student has the greatest opportunity for success. Student ambassadors, student mentors, student-led organizations, student services resources, free campus tutoring, alumni mentoring, and faculty advisors provide a network that contributes to student achievement.

Our integrated student support system aligns with our commitment to create a rigorous and community-focused educational experience for all students.

Professional Certificate Training

As one of the first programs in the nation to offer immunization training, our college has helped spearhead public access to immunizations. In the second year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program, you will complete the Washington State Pharmacy Association (WSPA) vaccination training so that you can begin working in community health clinics and gain real-world experiences during rotations. Receiving our nationally recognized training certificate not only helps you get a head start in working with patients, but also gives you vital skills for your career in pharmacy.

Dual Degrees & Specialized Tracks

At WSU, you have the opportunity to choose your own path, customize your education to meet your interests, and prepare you for the career of your dreams.

Four Professional Years

Our accredited Doctor of Pharmacy program consists of four years of professional education. You will spend the first three years of your pharmacy education on the WSU Health Sciences campus in Spokane or at the WSU Doctor of Pharmacy program extension on the Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences campus in Yakima. Your fourth year is a series of 7 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE).

Professional Year 1

Foundational Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Key concepts include understanding the connection between how biochemistry, anatomy and physiology relates to drug therapy, the top 200 drugs, foundational physical assessment and communication skills.

Professional Year 2

Mastery of Theoretical Background & Application

Engage in increased peer-to-peer role-play, simulation of real world clinical scenarios, and faculty-led case discussions with constructive and helpful feedback.

Professional Year 3

Empowering Interdisciplinary & Interprofessional Team Collaboration

Take patient assessment and evaluation skills to a higher level by working with complicated patient cases and developing confidence in building patient specific therapeutic plans.

Professional Year 4


Your final year is split into 7, 6-week advanced pharmacy practice experience rotations in assigned geographic locations across Washington, Idaho, Oregon and in northern California. You will be in real practice settings and be involved with the care of patients under the supervision of a WSU preceptor.

CougaRx Nation at the annual College of Pharmacy homecoming tailgate party

And Beyond

CougaRx Nation

At WSU we are more than a college, we’re a community. From the moment you apply, to the first steps you take on campus, through your pharmacy career, we want to see you succeed. As an alum of the college you will become part of the CougaRx Nation, a network of graduates and friends of the college dedicated to the success of our students. You will also have access to Continuing Education opportunities through the college.

Pharmacy Practice and Professional Development Course

Pharmacy Practice and Professional Development (PPPD) is a 6-course series taught during each semester of the didactic curriculum. This course series is designed to support the development of the skills, attitudes and values that are essential for practicing health care professionals as you prepare for and reflect upon your rotation experiences. The intent of the PPPD course series is to provide you with strategies focused on learning, well-being, career development, development within the 10 pharmacist attributes, and co-curricular engagement to enhance success throughout the program and post-graduation.

These courses connect to the yearly Continuous Professional Development Plan and Co-Curricular requirements.

Year 1

Who am I as a professional student pharmacist?

Receive support on navigating your own professional journey as you begin working on your Continuous Professional Development Plan and Co-Curricular requirements. This academic year focuses on problem solving, communication, self-awareness, and professionalism.

Year 2

Who am I as a health care provider?

Continue your professional journey through the development of your Continuous Professional Development Plan and targeted Co-Curricular experiences. This year focuses on on interprofessional collaboration, demonstration of cultural sensitivity, communication, self-awareness, leadership, and professionalism.

Year 3

Who am I as an innovative individual who serves to meet the needs of the community?

Refine the focus of your Continuous Professional Development Plan and Co-Curricular experiences. This year focuses on education, patient advocacy, cultural sensitivity, self-awareness, innovation, and entrepreneurship and professionalism.