Doctor of Pharmacy

Dual Degrees & Specialized Tracks

Set yourself apart and prepare for the career of your dreams.

At WSU we encourage you to pursue your passion. While here, you have the opportunity to choose your own path, customize your education to meet your interests, and discover the career of your dreams.

Certificates & Dual Degrees

Open up a world of possibilities for your future while saving you time and money thanks to integrated coursework.

PharmD + PhD

With the expanding needs in health care today and tomorrow, there is a growing need to translate today’s research findings into tomorrow’s health care solutions. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, you can contribute to groundbreaking research.

PharmD + Engineering

The Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) master’s degree and six certificate programs prepare you for the growing need in technical management of manufacturing operations in the pharmaceutical industry, health care, and more.

PharmD + MBA

Whether you are preparing to own your own pharmacy or simply want to understand the business side of the profession, the PharmD/MBA program or a business certificate can help you to develop into an outstanding health care professional with strong business leadership skills.

PharmD + Communication

These two master and certificate programs teach you to be a compelling communicator whether communicating to a broad audience about a public health crisis, or educating patients on managing their medications.

Specialized Tracks

Focus your Doctor of Pharmacy degree in the areas you are most interested.

Rural Health Track

Access to health care continues to be a challenge for the nearly 800,000 people living in rural Washington. To help increase access to quality health care in these areas, you can specialize in caring for patients in rural and underserved areas. Along with Doctor of Pharmacy coursework, you will learn about the demographics, ethnicity, and employment of the diverse populations you will serve. Upon graduation, you will be equipped with the skills, tools, and network needed to work and thrive in a rural setting.

PharmD Research Honors Program

The Research Honors Program is an opportunity to explore your research interests while building critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills that will serve you throughout your Doctor of Pharmacy education and beyond. You will have the opportunity to experience the research process from start to finish, developing and completing a research project alongside a faculty mentor. Upon successful completion of the program will have earned an honors distinction when you graduate.

Additional Research Opportunities

In addition to the PharmD/PhD and Research Honors programs, Doctor of Pharmacy students interested in pursuing research can do so through independent study projects (electives). These electives are only one semester long and are a great way to gain exposure to research in your field of interest.