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Washington State University
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Certificates & Dual Degrees

PharmD/Communication Programs

Clear, effective communication is just as important as health care itself when it comes to guarding the health of communities. The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication and College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences offer two master and certificate programs so that you can become a compelling communicator.


Whether you are communicating to a broad audience about a public health crisis, or educating patients on managing their medications, being an effective and meaningful communicator is one of the primary skills that employers look for in job applicants. Along with pursuing your Doctor of Pharmacy degree, you can also build your expertise in communication through the following 2 online programs with in-state tuition rates at a reduced cost.

Health Communication and Promotion
Washington State University’s online master’s degree in Health Communication and Promotion is designed for those who work in communication fields and health sciences and are seeking to refresh and update their skills or specialize in health communication. Students learn health behavior change theories relevant for prevention messaging, crisis communication, message creation and design for effective information distribution, and techniques for effectively communicating health information with specialized populations. Student pharmacists who complete this degree learn how to better communicate drug therapy with patients to improve adherence, and handling recommendations to physicians regarding drug therapy issues and updates.

Strategic Communication
Washington State University’s online master’s degree in Strategic Communication is designed for those who want to excel in advertising, public relations, corporate communication, and communication management. Whether you have no training in strategic communication or are a seasoned professional, the degree will broaden your career prospects so that you can translate the latest innovations in pharmacy and health care to a broad audience.

Master’s Degree
A master’s degree requires 10 courses (30 credits) and can be taken entirely online.

Certificate Program
A certificate requires 4 courses (12 credits) and can be taken entirely online.

How to Apply

Application Deadlines: Aug 1, Dec 1 and April 15 for fall, spring and summer enrollment

Let your Student Success Advisor know you are interested in pursuing a certificate or master’s degree in communication. Complete a general application with the WSU Graduate School, indicating an interest in a degree program. Also include:

  • Unofficial transcripts from all undergraduate institutions
  • TOEFL results if you are an international student
  • Current professional resume that includes at least three professional references name and contact information
  • Statement of Purpose articulating your perspectives, contributions, qualifications, and talents. Your statement of purpose should not exceed one page and should address information such as:
    • Why the online MA program at WSU interests you – what attracted you to the program
    • What led you to the desire of earning an advanced degree
    • Where do you think your MA will lead you personally and/or professionally
    • How the degree program fits into your current personal or professional path
    • What are your goals in furthering your education? What do you hope to achieve through the curriculum?
    • Other anecdotes or background information that will aid in evaluating whether or not you would thrive and be successful in the program


    • There is a $75 application fee (non-refundable)
    • This program does not require any undergraduate prerequisites but applicants must have bachelor’s degree with minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0*
    • No GRE required

    *The minimum GPA requirement for admission into WSU Graduate School is 3.0. Applicants with a GPA below 2.99 are subject to departmental review and consideration.

    Tuition & Financial Aid

    • Online students pay the in-state tuition rate
    • The tuition is estimated at $609.80 per credit. Up to 6 credits can fulfill both the requirements of the PharmD degree and masters or graduate certificates in communication.
    • The estimated cost of program is $18,000
    • Graduate students must be enrolled in at least half-time (six credits) to be eligible for financial aid.
    • Veterans’ benefits. For questions, contact (509) 335-1234 or