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Washington State University
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Opportunities


The Research Honors program provides an opportunity for PharmD students to conduct a complete research project with a WSU pharmacy research mentor.

First-year student pharmacists who are motivated to pursue educational opportunities outside of the classroom work with a faculty research mentor to develop a research project. This is an opportunity to explore areas of interest that complement and enhance your experiences in the Doctor of Pharmacy program. Students who successfully complete a research project and the requirements set forth by the Research Honors Committee will graduate with honors distinction.

What you can expect from the program

You can apply in your first year (PY1) of the Doctor of Pharmacy program and present your research proposal by the end of your second year (PY2) spring semester. Research projects are completed during the spring semester of your third year (PY3). You will then work with your mentor to complete all remaining research activities and program requirements prior to graduation.

Why choose the Doctor of Pharmacy Research Honors program?

  • Learn about basic, clinical, outcomes research, or other scholarly activities related to health sciences.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to formulate and test hypotheses, discuss disease interventions, and/or improve patient care.
  • Work one-on-one with an accomplished faculty mentor.
  • Interact with research faculty members and staff, PhD students, and other honors students.
  • Attend seminars including those presented by outside guest speakers and research experts.
  • Develop communication skills through oral and/or poster presentations of research work.
  • Build a strong curriculum vitae to be more competitive in the job market or as an applicant to a residency or graduate school.
  • Work with faculty members who can provide letters of recommendation in support of your career advancement.
  • Expand your career opportunities.
  • Build lifelong professional relationships.
  •  Students who are interested in the joint PharmD/PhD program can receive valuable research experience for the PhD program.

Honors Research Day

Every spring the college hosts a Honors Research Day to showcase the research of PY2 and PY3 honors students.

PY2 and PY3 honors students‎ are required to attend and present; PY1 students are strongly encouraged to attend.


This program is completed in addition to the standard PharmD curriculum and requires an application due to a limited number of spots.

Doctor of Pharmacy students interested in pursuing research opportunities must be in the first year of the professional program and in good academic standing.

Next steps:

  1. Prepare: Interested students need to identify a mentor in fall PY1 so that they can sign up for 499 (Special Problems) or 599 (Special Projects) for spring PY1.
  2. Participate in a 499/599 project: Students will work with the faculty mentor during the spring PY1 semester.
  3. Apply: Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. PST on March 18, 2022. Further details will be provided in spring PY1.
  4. Acceptance: Admission to the Research Honors program is competitive and depends on the number of research opportunities available each year as well as the number of qualified applicants.