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Washington State University
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Experiential Services

Intern licensure information

The WSU Doctor of Pharmacy Program gives students the opportunity to gain invaluable experiences in rotations across various locations throughout the United States, primarily in Oregon, California, Washington and Idaho.

To take part in these rotations, students must ensure they have the proper state intern license. Licensure varies by state and students should familiarize themselves with the intern license process for each state by reviewing the online instructions for the appropriate state board. A list of the most common states WSU student pharmacists seek pharmacy intern licenses in are listed below.

*All costs are subject to change.

Reminders on intern licensure

  • Intern licensing typically requires WSU to verify enrollment either with a letter or a specific form (depending on the state). Below are instructions for licensing by state with links and some helpful tips. Students can request any verification paperwork from Experiential Services. Note: Incoming students do not need to request paperwork from the college for their initial Washington intern license, Admissions will verify your enrollment automatically to the WA Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission.
  • Students must maintain and have a valid Washington intern license at all times regardless of a rotation’s location. There must not be a gap in licensure as students engage in patient care activities year round, this is outlined in the Student Handbook.
  • The licensing application process can take 1.5 – 3 months depending on the state.
  • Licensing during COVID-19: During this pandemic many states have instituted a state of emergency and have emergency provisions in place regarding licensing. This may delay the intern licensing process, and students may run into difficulty getting fingerprinting services required by some states.

Washington licensing renewal

WSU student pharmacists all are required to have Washington intern licenses.
Acquiring your initial WA licensure

Students must renew every two years at expiration, which will be on the individual’s birthday. Approximately 90 days prior to expiration students will receive a renewal notice in the mail. To renew student must complete the renewal attestation, pay the renewal fee and mail in the documents. Students should begin the renewal process 6 weeks in advance of expiration. Currently renewals can only be sent in the mail and cannot be renewed online. To expedite a renewal call the WA Department of Health Customer Service office at (360) 236-4700 to pay the renewal fee over the phone, and they will provide instructions on how to submit the attestation.

Timeline: Students should submit their renewal 4-6 weeks in advance of the expiration.
Renewal cost: $90*

Washington renewal (PDF)

Other state licensing


Alaska requires a “Verification of Education” form which can only be completed by the WSU Health Sciences Registrar ( Most verification forms can be completed by Experiential Services, this is a rare exception.

Timeline: 4-8 weeks
Cost: $130*
Renewal: Alaska intern licenses are valid for 2 years.


California intern licenses tend to take the longest, and students are occasionally requested to revise and resend something by the California State Board of Pharmacy.

Students should read the instructions very carefully when completing the application—particularly the “Avoid Common Mistakes” section of the application. It’s best to check the status periodically. Within the application students should submit the “Verification of License in Another State” and include their Washington state intern license number.

Upon student request, Experiential Services will complete and provide the “Intern Pharmacist Education Affidavit” form.

Required fingerprinting: Fingerprinting can be completed more quickly in the Live Scan service, which requires students to be physically present in California to complete this.

Timeline: California takes at minimum 45 days to grant intern licenses. On average, it takes around 2 months, but can take up to 3 months. Students expecting to have a rotation in California should always apply for licensure far in advance.
Cost: $230*
California intern licenses are valid for 5 years.


Upon student request, Experiential Services will complete and provide the “Certificate of College Enrollment (Extern = Pharmacy Student)” form.

Students need to complete a fingerprinting packet, from the link. Click on “Pharmacist & Student Pharmacist” and on the right side of the screen there are options under “Fingerprint Card Options.”

Renewals: If your Idaho license has lapsed (is expired) for 30 days or more you can no longer go through the renewal application process, instead you must apply for a license as if doing so for the first time.

Timeline: 6 weeks
Cost: $78.25* ($50 application fee and $28.25 background check fee).
Renewal: Idaho intern licenses must be renewed annually by July 15.


Upon student request, Experiential Services will directly mail a letter to the Board that students are presently enrolled.

Timeline: 2 weeks
Cost: $10* registration fee.
Renewal: Hawaii intern licenses do not require renewal.


Upon student request, Experiential Services will provide a letter verifying that they are currently enrolled in a Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Timeline: Processing will take a minimum of 4 weeks, apply 6 weeks in advance.
Cost: $141.25* ($100 licensing fee and $41.25 fingerprint processing fee). An additional fee of $12.50* is required when scheduling an appointment to be fingerprinted at a Fieldprint facility.
Renewal: Oregon intern licenses expire on the second November 30 from date of issuance.

Request verification of enrollment

Experiential Services can complete any verification of enrollment forms required for licensing for students scheduled for rotations outside of Washington. Experiential Services will either scan, mail forms to students directly or to the board if required.

Note: Incoming students do not need to request paperwork from the college for their initial Washington intern license, Admissions will verify your enrollment automatically to the WA Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission.

Submit your request for verification paperwork