Leave of Absence Policy

At the WSU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPPS), we understand that life happens and occasionally there is a need for a student pharmacist to interrupt their enrollment. These breaks in enrollment are formally recognized as leaves of absence (LOA). While the reason for a leave of absence may vary, a student pharmacist may request leave for financial reasons, health, academic pursuits or personal reasons. Student pharmacists planning any leave should promptly consult with the Office of Student Services for guidance and approval.

Student pharmacists choosing to take a LOA, must apply for leave through the Office of Student Services no later than the 10th day of class during the semester in which the leave is requested, unless the student pharmacist is requesting Emergency Family/Medical Leave.

Emergency Family/Medical Leave is a type of Leave for the student pharmacist who must leave school for one or more semesters due to a medical or family emergency that is defined under the federal Family Medical Leave Act. The leave must be approved through the Office of Student Services. A student pharmacist may be on leave for a total of up to one calendar year during their studies. Leave beyond one calendar year is not guaranteed.

When taking a leave, student pharmacists are advised of the conditions under which they might resume their studies in the doctor of pharmacy program at a future date. It is the program’s expectation that a student pharmacist will not exceed one calendar year of leave over the course of their professional program. Normally, students who exceed one calendar year will be administratively withdrawn and decertified from the doctor of pharmacy program.

Student pharmacists who decide not to return to the college must submit a current term withdrawal request. To do so, student pharmacists should contact the Office of Student Services to initiate the process. The university current term withdrawal process and tuition adjustment policy can be found through the Office of the Registrar. Student pharmacists who withdrawal from courses without approval will be decertified from the doctor of pharmacy program.

Student pharmacists who decide to return to the doctor of pharmacy program after being on leave for more than one calendar year, may need to apply for recertification to the program. The doctor of pharmacy program is not obligated to approve a student pharmacist to rejoin the program. Student pharmacists who are allowed to rejoin the program are expected to complete their studies without further interruption.

To discuss the Leave of Absence Policy or to request leave, please contact Megan Willson, Associate Dean for Professional Education, at mwillson@wsu.edu and Monica Graham, Assistant Director of Student Services, at monica.graham@wsu.edu.