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Connect with the CPPS alumni and faculty network for exclusive pharmacy jobs and learn how to sharpen your CV and highlight your skills to recruiters.

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Start growing your professional network today by signing up for the WSU CPPS Professional LinkedIn group. This group gives WSU CPPS students and alumni exclusive access to positions which have been gathered through the CPPS CougaRx network. Sign up to learn about the latest job opportunities, connect with faculty and staff, get professional insight, or link up with alumni.

Pharmacy Practice and Professional Development

Building a professional foundation is critical to finding your ideal job. Our Pharmacy Practice and Professional Development (PPPD) course series include building your professional network, creating an online profile for future employers to see, CV reviews and other career development topics that will help you get a head start in your pharmacy career.

Tools for Success

photo of ryan nottingham

“Remember that getting to your ideal job is often a long and winding path, with plenty of hard work. Make the best of opportunities that come your way, but also remember that you will grow from your failures as much as your successes.”

–Ryan Nottingham, ICU Pharmacist at LifeBridge Health, class of 2016

Upcoming Career Seminar Series

The Career Seminar Series allows current student pharmacists to hear insight from pharmacy alums across a variety of fields on the opportunities available for future pharmacists to advance the pharmacy profession.

Events are added as they are scheduled and occur throughout the academic year.