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Washington State University

Geriatrics Research

The goals of this team are to improve the care of geriatric patients in the Inland Northwest, to perform meaningful research in the field of geriatrics, and to train and educate pharmacy students and other health care professionals on the special pharmaceutical needs of the geriatric patient.

Pharmacy Geriatric Residency Opportunity

WSU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPPS) has partnered with Providence Visiting Nurses Association to offer a post Doctor of Pharmacy residency opportunity.

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The Geriatrics Team was started in 1999 by former faculty member Stephen M. Setter and has trained and mentored a consistent stream of pharmacy residents and research fellows. Below is a historical listing of residents and fellows:

Kylie Collins, resident 2022-2023
Brandon Tabor, resident 2021-22
Lexie Powell, resident 2020-21
Meredith Matsen, resident 2019-20
Loan Lam, resident 2019-20
Linh Le,, resident 2018-19
Michael Phan, resident 2018-19
Maygen Cardona, resident 2017-18
Brittany Croy, resident 2017-18
Nolan Koller, resident 2015-2016, fellow 2016-17
Melanie Shelden, resident 2016-17
Kurt Anderson, intensive residency 2014-16
Steven Huang, resident 2013-14
Kevin Walker, resident 2012-13
Darren Shimanuki, resident 2011-12
Gretchen Riker, resident 2011-12
Mays Vue, resident 2010-11
Lindy Wood Swain, resident 2009-10, fellow 2010-11
Jeffrey A. Clark, resident 2009-10
Wendy Aang, visiting scholar 2009-10
Erin K. Dobbins, resident 2008-09
Cristina Duvall, fellow 2008-09
Joshua J. Neumiller, resident 2006-07, fellow 2007-08
Travis E. Sonnett, resident 2005-06, fellow 2006-08
Brandi (Kimball) Hommel, resident 2004-05, fellow 2005-06
Anne (Chapman) Henriksen, resident 2002-03, fellow 2003-04
Brian J. Gates, resident 1999-00, fellow 2000-02
Steven B. Johnson, fellow 1998-99

Current and Past Collaborators

Danial Baker, PharmD
R. Keith Campbell, RPh, MBA, FASHP, CDE
Jonathan Carlson, MD, PhD
Eric Coleman, MD, MPH
Cynthia Corbett, PhD
David Greeley, MD
Matthew Layton, MD, PhD
Terri Levien, PharmD
Jamie Mark, ARNP
David Prabu, PhD
Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, PhD
Robert Short, PhD
Travis Sonnett, PharmD
Katherine Tuttle, MD
John White Jr., PA, PharmD
Carol Wysham, MD