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Washington State University

PharmD Certificates & Dual Degrees

Certificates and dual degrees allow pharmacy students to expand their skillset beyond the traditional Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum, opening up a world of possibilities for their future while saving them time and money thanks to integrated coursework.


Whether students are preparing to own their own pharmacy or simply want to understand the business side of the profession, the PharmD/MBA program develops students with an entrepreneurial spirit into outstanding healthcare professionals with strong business leadership skills who will bring value to their communities.



Clear, effective communication is just as important as health care itself when it comes to guarding the health of communities. Whether communicating to a broad audience about a public health crisis, or educating patients on managing their medications, these two master and certificate programs teach Doctor of Pharmacy students to be compelling communicators.

Communication Certificates & Dual Degrees

Engineering & Technology Management

The integration of global supply chains, product development and services in the pharmaceutical industry requires complex and strategic thinkers across a variety of disciplines. The Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) Master’s Degree and six certificate programs prepare Doctor of Pharmacy students to become effective leaders in planning, implementation, and management of multifaceted operations.

ETM Certificates & Dual Degrees

Pharmaceutical Sciences & Molecular Medicine

With the expanding needs in health care today and tomorrow, there is a growing need to translate today’s research findings into tomorrow’s health care solutions. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, students contribute to groundbreaking research investigating everything from how likely an individual will develop an addiction based on his or her own DNA to new ways of using nanotechnology to deliver drugs to the brain to treat tumors.

PharmD/PhD Dual Degree

“The WSU PharmD/MBA program offered me a great opportunity to learn critical business and management skills… The things that struck me almost immediately about both areas were the welcoming atmosphere and helpful attitudes of the faculty and staff. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their education.”


–Frank Nenninger, class of 2020