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Washington State University
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Experiential Services

Introducing CORE

Students! We are excited to introduce everyone to CORE, which will replace all functionality in E*Value. We ask for your grace and generosity during this time as we work to optimize this new system!

We hope the information below will answer many questions. If you have other questions or need assistance, please reach out to us at We plan to schedule some open workshop times to help everyone navigate this new exciting system!

CORE Frequently Asked Questions

What is CORE?

CORE is a software suite that WSU is using as our new rotation management platform, replacing E*Value. The software suite will replace functionality in E*Value and provides additional features for users. The various platforms that are part of the CORE suite and that you will hear/see reference to are listed below:

  • CORE Readiness
  • MyCred

What can be done in the suite of CORE platforms?


  • Rotation scheduling and management
  • Evaluations
  • Incident tracking (e. needlesticks)
  • Onboarding information


  • CPD assignments

CORE Readiness

  • Students, preceptors and faculty can access and utilize the 1,100 videos available. These have mini-assessments tied to them. These educational videos span various topics from high-level drug counseling to interviewing tips and how to write a professional email.


  • This is an ePortfolio platform to maintain an active CV. You can customize content to share with different preceptors and potential employers. You can also choose to make it searchable online.

How do I access my account in CORE?

An email will be sent to your WSU email address with login information. The emails subject will be “WSU’s NEW Rotation System (CORE): New Account Activation” and come from the email address:

When do I access my account in CORE?

Unless indicated differently below we ask that PY2-PY4s login to their CORE account no later than September 1 and PY1s by September 15 so you have access to your CPD assignments that will be in COMP MS at the start of the semester. PY1-PY3 students will have time during your fall SSPD course to go over this.

What should I do first in CORE?

  1. Take 10 minutes to explore your CORE ELMS account!
  2. From your CORE ELMS account link to the other platforms by clicking the names of them in the upper righthand corner (Comp MS, CORE Readiness, MyCred). It will prompt you to create a username/password the first time, with the exception of Comp MS.
    Note: Some of you may have already been given access to CORE Readiness for online alternative rotations summer of 2020, if you did, please link the account you already set-up.
  3. If you have an upcoming rotation scheduled, go to “Requirements” and be sure to filter and select your rotation. It will show you requirements for that particular site.
    Note: We are still building out some of these items!
  4. Add a professional photo of yourself! Administrators and preceptors will be able to view your photo.
  5. Review and/or update your account information, such as your nickname, select your “Acceptable Pronouns,” etc.

Tip: See the videos in “Document Library” under “How-To Videos for CORE” for visual tutorials.

How can I get familiar with CORE?

  • Explore!
  • Check out the videos available to you in CORE ELMS under in the “Document Library” under “How-To Videos for CORE!”

Will I have separate logins for each of the CORE suite of platforms?

Initially Experiential Services will send you a login for CORE ELMS, which will be your “primary” account and from which you can link to all the other CORE platforms.

Technically you will have/create separate logins and passwords; however you can link these together. Start by logging into your CORE ELMS account (WSU will notify you once this has been sent). You can then toggle to the various platforms (screenshot below) in the upper righthand corner. Initially you will be asked to login to the other suite platforms; but it will retain that information if you allow it to.

Where can I do things previously done in E*Value?

Everything associated with rotations that ended prior to August 9 will be housed in E*value, including associated evaluations, IPPE reflections, etc. CPD assignments for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 academic years will also remain in E*Value.

The only 2021-2022 rotation blocks that will be “housed” in E*Value, including the evaluations for those blocks are:

  • APPE Block 1 & 2
  • IPPE Institutional Block 1-4
  • IPPE Community Block 1-3

All rotations starting August 9 and later will be housed in CORE, including all associated evaluations, IPPE reflections, as well as CPD activities for the current 2021-2022 academic year. This applies to 2021-2022 rotation blocks below:

  • APPE Blocks 3-8
  • IPPE Institutional Block 5 & 6
  • IPPE Community Block 4

All future rotations will be managed in CORE! Everything that used to be completed in E*Value for rotations can now be completed in CORE ELMS:

  • Rotation schedule
  • Preceptor contact information
  • Onboarding requirements for sites
  • Evaluations: Rotations starting August 9 and later will have evaluations housed in CORE ELMS. Reminder notices will be sent.

Who should sign in earlier?

Students with rotations blocks:

  • APPE block 3: no later than August 16 so you have successfully logged in prior to midpoint evaluations.

Will CORE replace CastleBranch?

No, CastleBranch will remain our platform to track compliance for CPPS standard mandatory requirements, such as: flu, varicella, TB, MMR, Tdap, WA Intern License, HIPAA/OSHA annual trainings, and annual background checks.

COMING SOON! CastleBranch does integrate with CORE ELMS. Users will have to enable this integration once it is available, which will allow the status of CastleBranch items to be displayed within CORE ELMS Requirements. Experiential Services will let you know when this integration is possible!

Will rotation schedules prior to the 2021-2022 rotation year be in CORE?

No, only the current academic year (2021-2022) and future rotation years will be housed in CORE. If you would like to save a copy of any prior schedules for your own records then we recommend saving that data from E*Value.

How will onboarding be impacted?

We are working to build all the rotation requirements into CORE that were in E*Value. These will display differently in CORE, as users will actually be able to upload documents to requirements in CORE. Depending on the item, either students or Program Assistants will be able to mark items as completed, allowing for increased efficiency for all parties and provide clear understanding of what items are left to complete.

To find site onboarding information once logged into CORE select “Requirements” in the navigation panel on the left-hand side. You will see all requirements for all sites initially. It is important to then use the filter (towards the top of the page) to select the rotation/site you are assigned to and wish to review onboarding for. Once you have filtered you can review the sites onboarding, “view” documents and click “add” to upload or mark items as completed.

What are some of the benefits of CORE?

CORE has a more user-friendly and intuitive interface for all stakeholders. It is a very robust and powerful platform with increased functionality. One fantastic resource available to students and preceptors is CORE Readiness, this includes a video library of over 1,100 videos that span the following categories:

  • Interviewing: tips for interviewing, e.g. “30 Common Interview Questions,” “Interview Advice from 9 Recruiters,” etc.
  • Overview: general information about pharmacy, e.g. “USP 900,” “Pharmacy Supply Chain,” “Nuclear Pharmacy,” etc.
  • Professionalism: advice for navigating the professional realm, e.g. “Business Meeting Etiquette,” “Public Speaking Anxiety,” etc.
  • Professional Skills: pharmacy skills focused, e.g. “PubMed Orientation,” “Brand Generic Flashcards,” “Consequences of Drug Diversion,” “Spanish for Pharmacists,” etc.
  • Patient literacy: subjects to help students explain to patients some confusing subjects, e.g. “What is Medicaid?,” “What is HIPAA?” etc.
  • Clinical Consulting Activities: information on drugs, drug administration, medical conditions, and broad patient counseling points. e.g. “Acylovir,” “How to inject Basaglar KwikPen,” “Bone Problems from Cancer,” etc.

Beyond this CORE offers increased ease of navigation for users, including more opportunities when it comes time to preference for rotations to research sites/preceptors and even “favorite” certain rotations so you can narrow down rotations you’d like to come back to.

There is much more, these are just a few benefits!

Will I lose the information I have in E*Value?

Eventually, but not immediately. Everyone has plenty of time to get any records out of E*Value that they would like to retain. We advise everyone to have saved records they want from E*Value by December 31, 2021.

What do I need to do in E*Value?

  • Finish anything outstanding. This would include any outstanding evaluations for the rotation blocks that took place May 17–August 6, 2021. Which includes:
    • APPE Block 1 & 2
    • IPPE Institutional Block 1-4
    • IPPE Community Block 1-3
  • Download anything you would like to save from E*Value for your own records (you have until the end of 2021 to do so), this could include:
    • CPD assignments submitted
    • Past evaluations (that you submitted or submitted about you)
    • Portfolio (if you have used the Portfolio feature in e*Value, please contact Tracy Durbin for assistance migrating items)