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Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

In the Doctor of Pharmacy program you will be trained in the traditional practices of dispensing and compounding medications and also learn how to give flu shots, take blood pressure, test blood glucose, assess a patient’s overall health, and more.

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Contact our Student Services Office at or 509-368-6605.

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Molecular Medicine

In the PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Molecular Medicine program you will interact face-to-face with research faculty and students in pharmacy, medicine, nursing, and other health sciences. You will have the opportunity to learn from preeminent researchers who are world-renowned experts in their field.

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Contact our graduate program coordinator at or 509-368-6607

What is the difference between these degrees?

Both of our programs are advanced degrees but they are for different career paths.

The Doctor of Pharmacy program is a professional degree for students pursuing a career as a clinical pharmacist. This program prepares student pharmacists to provide direct patient care in multiple health care settings. Some career options for pharmacists include: ambulatory care, community pharmacy, compounding, and pharmacy management.

The PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Molecular Medicine is a Doctor of Philosophy degree that is focused on research. This program prepares pharmaceutical scientists dedicated to the promotion of human health and wellness.