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Pharmacy obstetrics residency underway at Spokane hospital

Alyson Blum is breaking new ground as the first pharmacy resident in obstetrics at the WSU College of Pharmacy.

At first, the physicians who were visiting their pregnant patients at the hospital did not understand why a pharmacist had moved into an office on the labor and delivery floor and was associating with them, but Blum quickly summarized her value. Read more.

WSU hosts pharmacy study abroad program

The WSU College of Pharmacy hosted 12 Japanese study abroad student pharmacists on the WSU Health Sciences campus in Spokane this summer to introduce them to American clinical pharmacy practices.

The fifth-year student pharmacists from Mukogawa Women’s University (MWU) interacted with WSU student pharmacists in exercises that introduced them to basic physical assessment techniques utilizing the WSU human patient simulation manikin “SimMan”. Read more.

Gaskins pharmacy scholarship recipients

WSU student pharmacists Andrea Fernandez and Yedeses Shiferaw are the 2014 recipients of the Bill Gaskins Pharmacy Scholarship. The scholarship was established to honor Bill Gaskins, class of 1969, when he retired in 2013 after a 43-year career at the Pullman Regional Hospital as the director of pharmacy. The scholarship provides support to student pharmacists training in rural pharmacy. Read more.

Student pharmacists connect with national leaders, dicuss health care advocacy

Student pharmacists engaged with their federal representative Tuesday about how pharmacists can do more, and how expanding their services is key to addressing the nation’s need for accessible, quality health care. Read more.


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