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About TIPed at WSU

In 2016, the WSU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPPS) began the process of forging a community of likeminded pharmacy programs committed to institutionalizing transformation and innovation in pharmacy education for the benefit of our students and profession.

Our goal

Our goal is to bring together programs from across the United States to adopt and integrate innovation within their curricular delivery.

Together, we will transform the way we teach our health care professionals in order to revolutionize health care delivery in America and advance the health and wellness of our nation.

Why innovate?

Innovation is an essential ingredient in a thriving educational environment: it is the manifestation of an engaged faculty, and emulates the lifelong learning and pursuit of excellence we strive to foster in students.

Pharmacy education is also facing significant disruptions as technology, practice and pedagogy all continue to co-evolve. The ACPE’s encouragement of our transformational efforts is a galvanizing sign of the need for progress.

By providing a platform for the collaborative exchange of experiences from programs across the country, we hope to encourage likeminded institutions to innovate and formulate their own plan for pedagogical progress.


The WSU TIPed Institute will teach pharmacy educators the “why” and “how” of pedagogy innovation within the context of a pharmacy curriculum.

The WSU TIPed Institute will increase the community of contributing partners in innovation within the national pharmacy academia circle.

The WSU TIPed Institute will raise awareness, prestige and support for curriculum innovation efforts across academia.

These objectives can lead to benefits such as:

  • Sustained growth in recruitment
  • Improved retention rates and student performance
  • Operational efficiency
  • Student satisfaction