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2019 Registration

Online registration will open soon!

What you will need

Please be prepared to provide the following information when completing your team or individual registration:

  • Institution name
  • Billing contact full name, phone and email
  • Billing address and (optional) PO number
  • Basic details on all team members at time of registration, including:
    • Name
    • Institution
    • Email

More information will be collected from participants closer to the event date.


Early Bird Team Registration: $4,000
Early Bird Individual Registration: $1,000
Early Bird Registration closes May 30, 2019

Team Registration (beginning June 1): $5,000
Individual Registration: $1,250

Team Registration is up to five people, including any session presenters.

Who should attend?

Authentic transformation is an institutional endeavor, and requires the collaboration of all key stakeholders.

We encourage institutions to send teams of at least four educators plus a student, representing relevant areas of responsibility for innovation such as:

  • Deans & Associate/Assistant Deans
  • Senior faculty assigned to leading curricular and/or assessment changes
  • Teaching faculty and preceptors
  • Student Services leadership
  • Experiential Education Directors
  • IT or administrative representatives
  • Student representatives

Teams are encouraged; individuals are welcome!