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Washington State University

Alumni Spotlight: Pharmacy Career in Nuclear Pharmacy

Brady Jens, class of 1992, owns the NuQuest Pharmacy in Grand Junction, Colorado. He shares his insight on what nuclear pharmacists do and how future pharmacists can gain experience in this specialty area of pharmacy practice.

What does a nuclear pharmacist do?

A nuclear pharmacist compounds radioactive isotopes that are used for diagnostic medical testing. The nuclear pharmacy compounds the isotopes, then delivers them to a hospital or clinic. The nuclear medicine technologist at the hospital or clinic performs the nuclear medicine procedure. Then the technologist gives the results of the exam to a physician and they will make a diagnosis based on the results … » More …

Researcher on the Rise: Q&A with Chris Szlenk

By Judith Van Dongen, originally published via WSU Spokane Research News

Looking for a change after completing his undergraduate degree in chemistry, Chris Szlenk left his home state of Alabama in 2017 to pursue a PhD at Washington State University’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. A rotation in the lab of assistant professor Senthil Natesan got him interested in the field of computer-aided drug design. Szlenk’s research in that area recently got him honored as a highlighted trainee author in the October 2021 issue of the journal Molecular Pharmacology.

What exactly is computer-aided drug design?
Drug design as a process is expensive and … » More …