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Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmaceutical Sciences

Gary Meadows, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in pharmaceutical science, University of Washington

Master of Science in pharmaceutical science, Idaho State University

Bachelor of Science in pharmacy, Idaho State University

Licensure & Fellowships
Licensed Pharmacist since 1968

Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fundamentals of oncology with emphasis on healthy life styles to prevent cancer, and on the processes and mechanisms involved cancer metastasis

My overall research area is tumor biology and tumor immunology with a current focus on cellular signaling mechanisms involved in immune modulation of tumor growth and metastasis and mechanisms of cell death. A major specific focus is the role of chronic alcohol consumption on innate and cellular immune responses that influence tumor growth and metastasis. Our laboratory also maintains a continuing interest on the effects of amino acids and phytochemicals on cancer growth and progression.

Additional Information
2010: Named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for his “distinguished contributions in the fields of nutrition and cancer metastasis, and alcohol immunotoxicology.”

2009: Awarded a $1 million Senior Scientist Research and Mentorship Award from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Administrative Experience at Washington State University:

  • Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Scholarship 2011-2013
  • Director of the Cancer Prevention & Research Center (renamed Chronic Illness Research Center) 1998-2010
  • Program Director of an training grant funded by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to prepare pre-doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to study the role of alcohol abuse on the immune system, 1998-2001
  • Chair of the Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences 1992-1996
  • Chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1990-1992, and before it was a department, Director of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Unit 1987-1990.

Additional Experience:
I have been a visiting scientist and professor at the Experimental Immunology Branch at the National Institutes of Health and at the University of British Columbia. I am an honorary professor at the Medical College of Zhengzhou University in the People’s Republic of China. I currently serve as a member of the External Advisory Committee for the Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence Center for the State of North Dakota.

Selected Publications
Kwak SS, Jeong M, Choi JH, Kim D, Min H, Yoon Y, Hwang O, Meadows GG, Joe CO. Amelioration of Behavioral Abnormalities in BH4-deficient Mice by Dietary Supplementation of Tyrosine, Plos One, 8(4):e60803, 2013.

Vorderstrasse BA, Wang T, Myers AK, Wyrick KL, Meadows GG. Alcohol consumption suppresses mammary tumor metastasis in a syngeneic tumor transplantation model. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 136(3):729-737, 2012

Meadows GG. Diet, nutrients, phytochemicals, and cancer metastasis suppressor genes. Cancer Met. Rev. 31(3):441-454, 2012.

Powers J, Zhang H, Battrell L, Meadows GG, Trobridge GD. Establishment of an immunodeficient alcohol model to study the effects of alcohol on human cells in vivo. J. Stud. Alcohol Drugs. 73(6):933-937, 2012

Zhang H, Zhu Z, Meadows GG. Chronic alcohol consumption impairs distribution and compromises circulation of B cells in B16BL6 melanoma-bearing mice. J. Immunol. 189(3):1340-1348, 2012.

Zhang H, Zhu Z, McKinley JM, Meadows GG. IFN-γ is essential for the inhibition of B16BL6 melanoma lung metastasis in chronic alcohol drinking mice. Clin. Exp. Met., 28:301-307, 2011.

Liu X, Fu Y-M, Meadows GG. Differential effects of specific amino acid restriction on glucose metabolism, reduction/oxidation status, and mitochondrial damage in DU145 and PC3 prostate cancer cells. Oncol. Lett., 2:249-355, 2011.

Zhang H, Zhu Z, Meadows GG. Chronic alcohol consumption decreases the percentage and number of NK cells in the peripheral lymph nodes and exacerbates B16BL6 melanoma metastasis into the draining lymph nodes. Cell. Immunol., 266:172-179, 2011.

Zhang H, Meadows GG. Chronic alcohol consumption enhances myeloid-derived suppressor cells in B16BL6 melanoma-bearing mice. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 59:1151-1159, 2010.

Fu Y-M, Lin H, Liu X, Fang W, Meadows GG. Cell death of prostate cancer by specific amino acid restriction depends on alterations of glucose metabolism. J. Cell. Physiol. 224: 491-500, 2010.

D’Souza El-Guindy NB, Kovacs EJ, De Witte P, Spies C, Littleton JM, de Villiers WJS, Lott AJ, Plackett TP, Lanzke N, Meadows GG. Laboratory models available to study alcohol-induced organ damage and immune variations: choosing the appropriate model. Alcohol Clin. Exp. Res., 34:1489-1511, 2010.

Gary Meadows

Professor Emeritus

Dorothy Otto Kennedy Distinguished Professor
Pharmaceutical Sciences