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Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences News

Alumni Spotlight: Pharmacy Career in Nuclear Pharmacy

Brady Jens, class of 1992, owns the NuQuest Pharmacy in Grand Junction, Colorado. He shares his insight on what nuclear pharmacists do and how future pharmacists can gain experience in this specialty area of pharmacy practice.

What does a nuclear pharmacist do?

A nuclear pharmacist compounds radioactive isotopes that are used for diagnostic medical testing. The nuclear pharmacy compounds the isotopes, then delivers them to a hospital or clinic. The nuclear medicine technologist at the hospital or clinic performs the nuclear medicine procedure. Then the technologist gives the results of the exam to a physician and they will make a diagnosis based on the results … » More …

Researcher on the Rise: Q&A with Chris Szlenk

By Judith Van Dongen, originally published via WSU Spokane Research News

Looking for a change after completing his undergraduate degree in chemistry, Chris Szlenk left his home state of Alabama in 2017 to pursue a PhD at Washington State University’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. A rotation in the lab of assistant professor Senthil Natesan got him interested in the field of computer-aided drug design. Szlenk’s research in that area recently got him honored as a highlighted trainee author in the October 2021 issue of the journal Molecular Pharmacology.

What exactly is computer-aided drug design?
Drug design as a process is expensive and … » More …

Student pharmacists work across disciplines to solve complex patient cases

Working with future physicians, nurses, and health care providers across disciplines is a vital part of the WSU Doctor of Pharmacy program. It prepares student pharmacists for a real world setting where they may be collaborating with providers on the best plan of action for unique patient situations. For example, how does one treat a 72-year-old patient who is recovering from prostate cancer and living with type 2 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis? » More ...

Cannabis use could cause harmful drug interactions

Using cannabis alongside other drugs may come with a significant risk of harmful drug-drug interactions, new research by scientists at Washington State University suggests. The researchers looked at cannabinoids—a group of substances found in the cannabis plant—and their major metabolites found in cannabis users’ blood and found that they interfere with two families of enzymes that help metabolize a wide range of drugs prescribed for a variety of conditions. As a result, either the drugs’ positive effects might decrease or their negative effects might increase with too much building up in the body, causing unintended side effects such as toxicity or accidental overdose. » More ...

Acquiring research experience during pharmacy school

Fourth-year pharmacy student Emily Hitt shares her experience with research during her pharmacy education. Getting involved in research can provide a competitive edge needed to secure postgraduate opportunities after pharmacy school, which is vital if you wish to pursue a career in academia or research. Research experience, presentations, and publications are valued by residency program directors and can provide a competitive edge for opportunities after pharmacy school. » More ...

December 2021 Updates



J. Roberts and Marcia Fosberg Distinguished Regents Professor of Pharmacotherapy and Director of the Drug Information Center Danial Baker published, “Drug utilization evaluation – asparaginase erwinia chrysanthemi (Recombinant) (Rylaze),” in Wolters Kluwer Health’s The Formulary Monograph Service (FMS) in October 2021. Wolters Kluwer Health is a drug and health information publisher, the FMS is a resource used in the formulary decision making process for hospitals and managed care systems on recently released and investigational drugs.

Pharmacotherapy Clinical Professor and Director of Quality Assurance Improvement & Accreditation Preparation Terri Levien and Danial Baker published, “Drug Utilization evaluation – belumosudil (Rezurock),” in the FMS in October 2021.

» More …

Alumni Spotlight: Pharmacy Career in Oncology

Natasha Olson, class of 2014, shares her professional journey from becoming a pharmacy intern at Rite Aid to manager of clinical initiatives with NCODA (National Community Oncology Dispensing Association). Her passion for patient-centered care led her on a path to oncology pharmacy, where she now shares her experience and best practice with other clinicians. Hear her story to learn about the various opportunities from a career in pharmacy. » More ...

Driving a reproductive health campaign during a pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across the country in early 2020, student pharmacists Brooke Kotlarz, Kaitlan Belocura and Kennedy Erickson worked with various stakeholders in the community to educate and empower individuals on reproductive health. They share their experience of pivoting to a virtual campaign in Washington state and discuss the vital role that pharmacists play in helping to inform local communities about reproductive health.  » More ...

CPPS alum research helps Homeland Security in event of nuclear attack

WSU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences alumna, Dr. Sara Dumit, was invited to attend the 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting this past summer, which convenes in Lindau, Germany. This annual meeting gives the next generation of leading scientists in the world the chance to discuss global issues ranging from climate change to genome editing with Nobel Laureates. She is among the leading theorists working on the modeling of plutonium decorporation and the development of chelation models. These models help to better understand the movement of plutonium inside the human body during chelation therapy, otherwise known as the process of binding to heavy metals which is then removed from the body. » More ...