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Block Testing

A component of our Honors-Satisfactory-Fail (HSF) assessment model is block testing.

Block testing policies and procedures were revised  June 2019.

Block Test Absence Report Form        Remote Proctoring Request Form

Block testing schedules

Fall 2019


Block testing process overview

Initial test – will be given every two weeks on Monday per the semester block testing schedule. Students will be informed of exam results within 1-2 days of taking the exam.

Re-test – will be given to any student who does not meet competency on the initial test. The mandatory re-test will occur the following Monday. Before taking the re-test, students are encouraged to consult with instructors in order to clarify content or get additional instruction.

Extended Learning Experience (ELE) test – any student who does not successfully meet competency on a re-test is required to attend an end-of-semester ELE session. The student will be given the opportunity to seek assistance from their instructors to prepare for the ELE test. The ELE test is the third and final time for a student to demonstrate competence. Students who do not pass the ELE test associated with this course will be assigned a failing grade for the course.

The purpose of the re-test and ELE test is to allow students to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the academic material to meet the established standard of competency. It is not intended to provide an opportunity to increase a passing score to a higher level. Accordingly, the maximum score recorded for any re-test or ELE test will be 80%*, regardless of the actual score a student received.
*or higher for some courses as noted in individual course syllabi