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Block Testing

Block test overview

We measure student performance based on a competency-based assessment model, which puts an emphasis on demonstration of learning and mastery of skill to prepare graduates to become competent pharmacy practitioners. Tests and comprehensive exams are required for all students. Students will be informed of exam results within one or two business days after submission.

Common Definitions

Block Tested Courses: A group of courses who have decided to utilize non-class time to administer assessments together.

Non-block Tested Courses: Courses that have integrated assessments in class and do not administer assessments during block testing times.

Competency: A specific score or performance level that is required for an exam or assessment and may be found in each course syllabus.

Extended Learning Experience (ELE):  An additional opportunity to reach competency when minimum competency was not reached.

The student will be given the opportunity to seek assistance from their instructors to prepare for the ELE exam scheduled at the end of the semester. Students who do not pass the ELE exam will be assigned a failing grade for the course.

Fall 2022 block testing schedules

  • PY1
  • PY2 *Please see syllabus for Pharmacy 534 ELE schedule
  • PY3

Spring 2023 block testing schedules