Helpful Tips

For submitting a great application file

Competition for the limited number of seats in the WSU Pharm.D. program is very steep. Typically we receive 500 applications for 170 positions. On average 300 candidates are granted interviews based on the strength of their applications. Give yourself every advantage by following this advice:

Apply early!
While the regular PharmCAS application deadline is generally in January, we begin receiving and reviewing applications for early decisions in August. Incomplete or late application files are not considered. This includes letters of recommendation.

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Professional goals statement
When composing your Professional Goals Statement do not submit a general essay, directly answer every question since each question is evaluated. Take your time and write well thought-out responses to each question.

Use the PharmCAS Reference Forms only, not your school's letter of recommendation service. The two letters should include one professional recommendation and one academic recommendation. Chose your recommendation writers wisely and give them plenty of time to work on your recommendation. A letter from a pharmacist is not required but highly recommended. Others may be chosen from former bosses or professors, but do not use family members.

Send your official transcripts to PharmCAS when you apply so that they can verify your application.

Continue to work on your pre-requisites
If you have completed all the pre-requisites but are denied admission on your first try, we suggest that you continue to work on your bachelor's degree. It's okay to apply multiple years, continually striving for improvement.

For further questions contact:

Pharmacy Admissions
Washington State University
P.O. Box 1495
Spokane, WA 99210-1495