Faculty Advising

We have developed faculty advising to ensure each student pharmacist successfully progresses through the curriculum and receives appropriate mentoring. We believe that building an authentic relationship between our faculty advisors and student pharmacists is a critical component to student development.

Student pharmacists will be expected to formally meet with their advisor each semester in preparation for the upcoming semester. However, student pharmacists are encouraged to meet and maintain correspondence with their faculty advisor throughout the year.

Requirements for faculty advisor meetings:

1. CV - Each student will be required to submit an up-to-date CV to his or her faculty advisor. This will allow faculty advisors the opportunity to get to know the work history of each student as well as provide constructive feedback. It is essential that students have a current CV in place prior to the APPE program so we want to start this process now.
     - CV assistance
     - CV template
     - Traditional CV components

2. Advisement reports - Students are required to bring their advisement report (aka, DAR) to the meeting. This report can be viewed by going to the MyWSU student center and selecting academic requirements from the drop-down menu (choose to view this report as a PDF if you wish to print it).

3. Ask questions - Students are encouraged to ask faculty advisors questions about career opportunities, rotations, residencies, research, courses, CVs etc. Advisors are a valuable resource and are here to assist students now and in the future!

Registering for classes
Registration for the fall semester begins April 10, 2017. Check MyWSU for registration times.

All students are required to complete 10 credits of elective courses prior to graduation.
     - Approved electives

For questions about an elective course that is listed, or one that is not listed, contact Linda Kildew at lkildew@wsu.edu.

Students should check MyWSU to ensure any holds on his or her account can be resolved prior to their registration time.


Below are helpful campus and community resources for students to reference.

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